Best Wild Man in Australia

WildArk Founder Mark “Hutch” Mark Hutchinson has chosen to live his life dedicated to the wild. His earliest memories are of mustering sheep, riding horses, fly-fishing and crawling into wombat holes in home country Australia.

After spending a year as a jackaroo, camping and fishing in the far North of Australia straight from school, he traveled the length of Africa by car at age 19. Inspired by his adventures, at age 22, Hutch established an adventure company, UNTAMED, that evolved into the ecotourism and training business, Avana. Avana was sold in 2013 into a public company that unfortunately ultimately failed. In 2015, Hutch left the corporate world to continue with his passion for wildlife, wild places and pursue his dream of inspiring people to reconnect with nature through WildArk, a business focused on preserving the world’s fragile ecosystems.

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